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GORYO FND are progressing
by challenge and adventure spirit in infinite competition with world-wide.

It is consecutiveness of effort and investment that GORYO FND's history is acquire
absolute 1st company against world-wide competitors no matter what price and service.
Although case of suffering and adversity. all of members of we have achieved oversea
production and export base on our spirit NOT selfish, must 1st spirit with creativity.
professional spirit being confident best quality. Our challenge and adventure which
never fearing any situations for infinite competition with world-wide and new generation
field have served as a foundation to grow until now.

Therefore, continuing research of our LAB with above spirits we have various developed production
like vibration equipment. optical surface plate and sound poof system. Now, based on our result we are going
forward more new world adding powerful challenge and adventure. Also, we already have prepared making
new leap forward for global company overcoming an economic crisis of world and any huge barrier.

One of our global company step, GORYO FND have set overseas affiliated company in China since 2005.
Moreover. establishing our R&D centre since 2008. we can adapt any new generation fields.
It means our willing is progressing global company enhancing our competitiveness in world-wide.

We will be there new challenge and adventure spirit for getting 1st company against other competitors in any places.