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Vibration Sources

The source vibration that affects
manufacturing facilities and research
and development are scattered all
around us. The equipment that
blocks various vibrations is
the vibration control system.

Four Elements that Compose Vibration

Generally, the vibration is analyzed
in accordance with the intermathematical
relationship of vibration frequency f,
vibration acceleration A, vibration
velocity V, and vibration displacement D.

Relationship between the acceleration of gravity G and gal

1gal of vibration acceleration A is a small value equivalent to 1/1,000 ofthe acceleration of gravity G, and these vibrations affect
the measurement and production of micrometer and nanometer equipment

• 1G=9.8m/sec² = 980cm/sec²
• 1cm/sec²=1 gal , 1G = About 1000gal
• 1nm = 1/1000 μm = 1/1000000 mm = 1/1000000000 m

Relationship of Displacement, Velocity, & Acceleration