Order made Vibration isolation system

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We are equipped with a system to respond to users' diverse
and specific specifications. Questions are always welcome.

Delivery example

•‌ ‌High performance vibration isolation system with the honeycomb breadboard for optical experiment
•‌ Sliding type adopted to store optical devices or components
•‌ Vibration isolation system for in-line equipment
•‌ Acoustic enclosure manufactured by OEM system
•‌ Cradle type vibration isolation system
•‌ Rubber mount low-cost vibration isolation frame

※ 다년간 축적된 Frame / Sheet Metal 가공기술과 제진/방음기술을 바탕으로 고객의 요구에 따른 다양한 제품을 설계, 제작하여 공급합니다.