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Air Compressor

We are manufacturing a low-noise air compressor to supply air to the vibration
isolation system in indoor places including the laboratory which is not supplied
with pneumatic power.

Model GT-1404
Air Pressure  3~6 kgf/cm²
Tank Capa 4 Liter
Noise Level 60dB이하
Self Weight  20kg
Power 단상 220volt.
Usage Only for vibration isolation system
SIZE W205 × D410 × H400

Optical Aluminum Plate

The product is suitable for small optical experiments, and can be manufactured
in diverse shapes and sizes. The surface is black-anodized.

Model Size (W×D ) 두께(mm) Spec
ADTS-0303  300 x 300 12,15 M6 Tap 피치25mm
Flatness ; O.1mm over 600×600mm
Finish ; Black Anodized
ADTS-0304  300 x 450 12,15
ADTS-0404 450 x 450 12,15
ADTS-0406 450 x 600 12,15